Downtown Browns (2016)


Winner of the Tribecca Film Festival and Games For Change Diversity Challenge, Downtown Browns is an interactive web series highlighting the decisions faced by women of color in Los Angeles. Each episode follows a different bright woman through a unique situation, and utilizes interactive decisions to build intimate understandings of the dynamics challenging diverse city life.

It is produced by a core team of radical creators based in Los Angeles. We made an active decision to try and build an all-women-of-color-crew, knowing that our collective sensibilities and experiences would strengthen the diversity of perspectives represented in the series. We combined our social justice sensitivities, fresh aesthetics, and creative tech wits to produce thoughtful interactive film experiences that promote intimacy and understanding with women of color.

Watch here:

Postcards from/at Donde Rebotan Los Sueños* (2016)

 Installation composed of an assemblage of pictures and interviews that traces immigrants and border experiences of both sides of the wall that divides Tijuana and San Diego. Each component is an exploration of how project collaborators and people at the site feel this division, becoming a multi-voiced shifting mosaic of ways to consider and live the border. Opening up intersubjective exchanges through dialogues and encounters, the installation is a place for people to wander in and respond to a landscape of images, ideas, and stories about the border wall.


* Produced by Emilia Yang, in collaboration with Andrea Alarcon, Linda Artola, Luciana Chamorro, Viviana Bernal, TJ Billard, Elsa Alejandra del Callejo, Ana Luz Duarte, Yomna Elsayed, Brooklyne Gipson, Henry Jenkins, Sara Jiménez, Molly Jones, Rogelio Alejandro López, Pablo Martínez Zárate, Miguel Parro, Gabriel Peters-Lazaro, Paola Saracho, Sangita Shresthova, Gustavo Vargas, and Sulafa Zidani